Fairy Garden Kit - Bunnies and Fairies

Fairy Garden Kit - Bunnies and Fairies


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Product Overview

Designing a DIY Fairy House and Yard

What could be cuter than miniature bunny figurines in a pot full of colorful flowers? How about furry woodland creatures paired with adorable little fairy friends? This sweet fairy garden kit is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face as she designs her ideal fairy landscape. In this handy kit you'll find everything you need to get started with a miniature fairy moss garden in a terrarium, planter pot, or garden bed. Simply pick a container the right size to meet your space constraints; then fill it will soil and plot out your landscape. Add the included accessories and you've got an abode any fairy would be happy to call home!

Fairy Garden Furniture and Accessories Make Great Gifts!

Give that special gardener in your life something he or she is sure to not already have. This delightful kit combines the art of plant growing with the joy of creative play. Whether your grandmother likes unique home décor or your favorite teacher has a zest for terrarium garden, this fairy garden accessory kit is sure to please. With its precious bunny rabbit and bird figurines, the Bunnies and Fairies kit is also a winner with animal lovers. Each kit includes two sweet fairies, a secret garden door, bunnies, birds on a birdbath, and a little birdhouse. For fairy garden aficionados, it makes a great addition to existing fairy villages.

Planting Ideas for Indoor or Outdoor Fairy Landscapes

These durable plastic figurines can be added to any indoor or outdoor fairy garden pot. There are a variety of perennial houseplants and seasonal garden plants that work well. For miniature garden designs indoors an ideal choice would be an assortment of mosses, succulents, ferns, dwarf grasses, and miniature evergreens. These plants are easy to care for and give a realistic "woodland" look to your fairyscape. For a colorful approach miniature roses, African violets, and daisies are a fairy's favorite. You can also create a multi-purpose herb garden with plants like thyme, lavender, and rosemary.


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