Laguna Mason Jar DIY Terrarium Kit

Laguna Mason Jar DIY Terrarium Kit

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Product Description

Looking for one-of-a-kind gift ideas for friends and family? This fun DIY terrarium kit comes with everything you see here. The mason jar serves as the terrarium container, and all elements are included - ready to be layered to create a miniature garden environment.


  • 1 quart glass mason jar
  • Colored reindeer moss in mint
  • Colored sphagnum moss in mint
  • White sand
  • Gravel
  • Planting instructions

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Live plants sold separately.


Product Overview

Gardening in a Terrarium

It's never too early to instill a love of gardening in children. Our terrarium in a jar is a great way to start kids on the path to gardening and self-sufficiency. Because being able to grow plants and food is a great skill to have. The terrarium in a jar kit comes with everything you need to create the perfect environment for a plant such as a succulent or other air plants. There are several types of moss, sand, gravel and sea glass included that will help you create the best looking terrarium.

Mix and Match DIY Terrarium Kits and Supplies

You can choose all the items to create an one-of-a-kind sand home for your plants. We have a variety of glass jars in all shapes and sizes, so if you want a terrarium in a jar, bowl or other container we can help you with that. There are also several mosses to choose from, including Sphagnum moss, reindeer moss and several other types in several different colors. Once you have the container and selected the moss, you can pick a plant. Succulents and other air plants like ivy and cacti are idea because they require very little water as well as upkeep. Then once you know what plants are going in, you can make the more decorative decisions such as what color and how much sand and what color sea glass would look best.

Looks Great and Thrives Anywhere

There really isn't a bad location to place this terrarium in a jar. The plant will thrive in pretty much any environment, so whether you place it in the back yard, on the patio or use it to decorate the picnic table on the deck, the plant will make a great addition to your outdoor décor. But you can also bring it inside and place it on a bookshelf, use it as a centerpiece of the dining room table or place it on the coffee table as a focal point.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 3.5"Dia. x 7"H
1 Qt. Jar
Plants sold separately.

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