Terrarium Jars - Cloches

Enjoy elegant bell terrarium jars as covers and display cases for plants. As temps fall outside, a dome terrarium is a popular means of keeping small potted plants from freezing. Simply place over top until temperatures are safe once again. Of course, the cloche terrarium is also an irresistible accent for those who just love pretty things.

Use a cloche terrarium to protect your garden under glass or display them as an alluring conversation piece. Some styles come with a base dish and bell terrarium jars to cover it, while others are sold cloche-only to place on any flat surface. The dimensions for our dome glass plant terrariums for sale range from a quaint 5" up to 17" tall, with various sizes in between.

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Crown plants with a classic bell terrarium jars and add immediate sophistication. A cloche, otherwise known as a bell jar terrarium, was a commonplace feature in gardens of the past. In fact, the French developed this form of glass dome terrarium to protect early garden growth from chilly temperatures and frost. Not far from its origin of hastening crops to maturity, the cloche terrarium is still creating lovely canopies over plants in the present.

Our glass plant terrariums for sale include decorative bell terrarium jars which has enjoyed a recent resurgence on the contemporary garden scene. To be sure, the sleek curvature of these pieces makes an eye-catching accent in its own right. Paired with pretty plants and flowers, a glass dome terrarium is stunning in its simplistic beauty. Homeowners and designers are also using terrarium jars to create chic, garden-inspired interior decor.

Browse our glass plant terrariums for sale and enjoy their undeniable charm as a plant canopy. Terrarium Jars can be employed in other useful ways. At your next al fresco dinner party, use them to impress your guests as a stylish food cover. This will keep the spread hot as dishes are presented - all while making the host look like a professional. Place another glass dome terrarium as the centerpiece for the table, thereby keeping a cohesive theme.

A bell jar terrarium may be purchased as the cloche portion only or in a set including a base and cover. For styles that include both the dish and cloche terrarium, top and bottom portions of our glass plant terrariums for sale are sized for a seamless fit. This is beneficial for functional use where plants need protection from plummeting temperatures. Some gardeners also make use of a glass dome terrarium to give their seedlings a head start as winter turns into spring. An ability to take advantage of the sunlight while protecting from still-low temps gives new growth a leg - or a stem - up.

Click on individual cloche terrarium styles and sizes above for more information on dimensions, materials and estimated shipping times. All orders of glass items are packaged and shipped with care. At WIndowbox.com, we also feature a wide selection of outdoor containers including planters, pots and - of course - window boxes. Browse our glass plant terrariums for sale and buy online today!