Wall Terrariums

Plant wall terrariums and create living art for the home or office. Above and beyond the average planter, a wall bubble terrarium makes an undeniable display. Eyes will be drawn to see what lives inside each wall terrarium while noting its interesting shape and presentation.

A bubble wall hanging terrarium is easy to mount via an open hole on the back of each container. Simply affix a hook to the desired area and wall terrariums are ready to go up. As for contents to display, popular choices include air plant, aquamarine and various succulents on a bed of pebbles and moss. A wall hanging terrarium is also a lovely encasement for collected wildflowers, seashells or dried plants.

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Enjoy the art of wall terrarium for an eco-chic accent to interior decor. Indeed, hanging a glass pocket or bubble wall hanging terrarium is a creative way to incorporate live plants with existing decor. These enchanting enclosures are also fun to fill with sand, tea lights, seasonal decor and anything else that can fit into a quaint space!

Choose wall terrariums from the selection available online at Windowbox. Each is easy to hang on a hook via a small opening to the back. Choose from 4", 6" and 7" bubble wall hanging terrarium designs or 8.5" and 9" rectangular pockets. For taller plants or flowers that require a long stem to grow, a Glass Pocket Wall Terrarium is appropriate. And for smaller displays of plants and inserts a bubble design can look positively fascinating. Consider grouping terrariums together for an even greater visual impact.

Design each wall terrarium based on your personal style. Many terrarium planters like to mix and match plants with non-living components to create multiple points of interest. Things that can be collected outside like fall leaves, interesting stones and seaweed are all wonderful terrarium accents. Pebbles and rocks also make a naturally effective base for plants to sit upon.

As the seasons change, so can your wall terrariums. In the winter, dress them up in all your favorite holiday colors and insert evergreen sprigs and berries to add seasonal cheer. In the springtime, go on nature walks with children to pick wildflowers for an ever-changing wall terrarium display. This is a versatile way to decorate that can continuously evolve to engage the designer and viewer alike.

Use a bubble wall hanging terrarium in commercial spaces as a great conversation piece. Many reception desks, waiting rooms and private offices can benefit from their lively presence. A wall hanging terrarium will be sure to have visitors, clients and customers curious about their contents.

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