6" Wall Bubble Terrarium

6" Wall Bubble Terrarium


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Product Overview

Looking to add some charm and style to your office, or home? The 6" Wall Bubble Terrarium is the perfect addition to any space! This terrarium is 6 inches in height and width and will offset about 5 inches from your wall. The terrarium is transparent with a 2.5 inch opening in the top, this terrarium is filled with home décor possibilities. You can purchase the terrarium itself to enjoy a DIY project; add colored pebbles, seashells, air plants, or succulents, the possibilities are endless. We have included the option to add colored moss at no additional cost! Simply select from one of our eleven fashionable colored moss. Our selection offers many divers colors to match any scheme in your home or office. Make a statement with a modish purple moss or bring some lively color with mango moss. For best care of the moss, please keep in a damp environment.


Additional Information

Additional Info Keep lichen moss in a damp environment for best results.
Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Size Groups Medium: 7"-11"
Mounting Type Hanging
Plants Included? Yes

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