Replacement Coco Liners for Half Moon Wall Planter Baskets

Replacement Coco Liners for Half Moon Wall Planter Baskets

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Product Description

Keeping your Half Moon Wall Planter Basket fresh and vibrant requires replacement of coco coir liners periodically. Since plants benefit from both the water retention and drainage that these coco basket liners provide, fibers or husk material needs replenishing.

  • Designed to fit Half Moon Wall Planters
  • Made from coconut coir, husks, and natural tree sap
  • Choose from 16" or 18" half-round liners
  • Eco-friendly, classic garden charm
  • Replace every 6-10 months for best results.

Mount these decorative wall planters on building exteriors, around the patio, on fences, or create an oasis on your balcony. Call toll-free for assistance: 888-427-3362

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Product Overview

Replacement Coco Liners for Half Moon Wall Planter Baskets

These Replacement Coco Coir Liners keep plants fresh and thriving. Designed and manufactured to fit snugly in our 16 inch and 18 inch Half Moon Wall Planter Baskets, each liner is filled with dense coconut fibers for preserving maximum crispness that facilitates the health of the flowers and foliage you have in your planter baskets themselves. It's important to keep coco basket liners robust to minimize the "tired" effect they can endure. By keeping them in metal baskets too long, the liner compromises both the vibrancy of your plants, as well as how they are presented to passersby.

Life-Saving Liner Material for Plants

We manufacture our coco basket liners with the finest grade of coconut fibers and husks that are available. This material not only creates a clean and unblemished look for the planter they are set in, but serves as a tonic that invigorates and refreshes plant life. They provide essential water for plant roots as a natural organic medium, without saturating roots in the process. In the process, they provide effective drainage too. What's more, the fibers and husks combine to support the natural pH balance along with some essential minerals plants need to grow and thrive. And given that coco basket liners are a sustainability medium, you can be confident that not only do they look good in your wall planter basket, but also will organically return to a usable medium through nature's "recycling" process through composting. Liners typically last between 6 to 10 months, depending on plant life in them, as well as the environment they are placed in.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 16"W x 8"D x 8"H
18"W x 10"D x 10"H

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