Watering Tools

Keep your soil moist and your plants healthy with garden watering tools of all types. At Windowbox, we recognize the importance of water to our customers: getting the right amount of it, at the right time, in the right places. The right watering and garden irrigation supplies help to regulate and optimize these components for bountiful growth.

This assortment of garden watering tools includes automatic systems like drip kits, indoor solutions like a coil hose and quintessential garden watering supplies such as watering cans, hose nozzles and rain catchers. Planter reservoirs and garden hose reels are also featured. Click on categories below to view individual products and details.

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Enjoy the benefits of efficient garden irrigation supplies for indoor and outdoor growing. Water is the lifeblood of all living things and no place needs it more than your garden. Choosing garden watering tools to store, disperse and conserve this vital resource will enhance your gardening experience while producing bountiful plants and flowers.

The selection of garden watering tools featured online at Windowbox encompasses various options. From self-watering planter reservoirs to copper watering cans, gardeners will find a range of options to suit their repertoire. By clicking on individual categories of garden irrigation supplies above our customers can explore and purchase products at their leisure.

Perhaps the greatest challenge in growing and maintaining a garden is to establish an efficient watering schedule. As such, garden watering tools that help to regulate plant moisture are invaluable to gardeners. Our online selection includes various options for indoor and outdoor growing.

One such option is planter reservoirs: A widely used watering tool for container gardening. Simple and efficient, reservoirs work as inserts into window boxes, large pots and deck planters. Just fill the well with water and your plants will drink as needed for a consistent moisture level. Drip kits are another way to maintain plants without regular hand watering. In drip systems, drops are released on a constant schedule to make sure each plant's thirst is always quenched. Both drip kits and reservoirs are useful garden watering tools for indoor or outdoor arrangements.

In addition to automatic and programmable plant watering systems, Windowbox.com also stocks plenty of classic, by-hand watering tools like misters and watering cans. For manual watering these items are fun and efficient. Get your daily gardening therapy with a remedial spin around the flower beds - a charming European Watering Can looks beautiful and has the long-necked spout to reach deep into foliage. Or attach your long neck sprayer to the hose and douse hanging plants and deck boxes from the yard.

Garden irrigation supplies provide your favorite arrangements with the nourishment they need while putting your mind at ease. And with all products available for convenient online ordering, your favorite garden watering tools are just a click away.