Flat Backed Rain Barrel

Flat Backed Rain Barrel


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Product Description

Flat Backed Rail Barrel Details:

  • Flat back design gets this right up next to your home
  • Fills from free rainwater down your rain gutters, up to 50 gallons
  • Includes screen to keep out pests and debris
  • Optional Barrel stand raises height by 11"
  • Brass spigot to turn on and off nature's nourishing moisture!
  • 24"L x 19" projection (coming out from wall) x34"H

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Flat Backed Rain Barrel - Brown
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Product Overview

Rain barrels are a great solution to our emerging water shortage. Our rain barrel is designed to look like an old fashioned oak barrel. Add a touch of countryside charm to your home while conserving water!
Features a flat back so it sits flush against a wall, saving space and making it easy to maintain the area around the barrel. Made from plastic that blocks UV light, which prevents most mold and algae from growing. Resistant to fading, rotting and insect infestation.
Features a spigot with a shut off valve that allows for hose hook-up and an overflow on the tank. Rectangular opening at the top of the barrel collects water. Includes a screen to keep out debris and insects including mosquitos. Plastic Stand is optional - Dimensions: 27"L x 20"W x 11"H
Dimensions: 19" projection (coming out from wall) by 24" across at widest point. 34" high. Weighs approx. 18 lbs. Capacity: 50 US gallons. Top is not removable. Available in four colors: Woodgrain, Brown, Black and Oak (Tan).

Additional Information

Ships In 3-4 Business Days
Product Dimensions 24"L x 19"W x 34"H

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