33.5" Tapered Reservoir

33.5" Tapered Reservoir


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Product Description

Make any window box planter a self watering planter box using our heavy duty reservoir inserts. These inserts water your containers while you're away or busy, for weeks at a time depending on climate and plants chosen.

  • Made from durable, extra thick plastic (black with white fill tubes)
  • Waters 9" past its edges in all directions (fits window boxes up to 59.5"L)
  • Can be linked to other reservoirs to reduce filling tube locations
  • Ideal for flower boxes in sunny or hard to reach places or for busy professionals, people who travel, or small-space gardeners that just need a little helping hand.


Product Overview

Relax and truly enjoy your container garden with self-watering window boxes! Tapered window box reservoirs fits snugly in the interior of our tapered planter liners and tapered window boxes. Our exclusive design prevents overwatering by allowing excess water added to drip from the overflow drainage holes.
A 31.5" planter reservoir irrigates window box planters up to 59.5" for approximately 2 weeks depending on climate and plants growing. For more watering coverage add multiple reservoirs.
If you have a longer garden box you can mix and match reservoir sizes to find the right fitting water supply for your container garden. Tank holds approximately 1.6 gallons of water. This size fits our 36" tapered liners like a glove but will irrigate boxes up to 51.5"L

Additional Information

Additional Info

We offer two tapered planter reservoir insert sizes that fit our standard flower boxes. Standard window box lengths of 24-72" are covered here, but reservoirs can be used on larger and smaller boxes. Call toll-free or click to chat with a representative for assistance finding the right size for you.

Please note: Tapered window boxes like our iron collection and our tapered liners are smaller at the base than the top. Double check all interior measurements for proper fit.


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Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 33.5"L x 5.5"W top of taper, 4.5"W bottom of taper, 2 1/4" H

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