GrowBrownie 'Crumbs' Soil Amendment- 1.2 Cu Ft Per Box

GrowBrownie 'Crumbs' Soil Amendment- 1.2 Cu Ft Per Box


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Product Overview

Combine GrowBrownie Crumbs and soil in your next planter or flower box from The GrowBrownie Crumb soil amendment is made from natural water absorbent fibers like tree bark and coconut husks, also called coir. These ingredients are mixed with a unique polymer that makes this a super permeable and absorbent sponge like reservoir, saving water for your plants and keeping your plants fresh and vibrant. GrowBrownie Crumbs from retains more water than peat moss or vermiculite, and will hold up to 8 times its own weight. Because of the natural fibers, it provides the soil with nutrients as well. Use GrowBrownie Crumbs as an amendment with soil, using about 40% GrowBrownie Crumbs with 60% soil, and watch your flowers and plants bloom and thrive.


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Product Dimensions

1.2 cubic feet

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