Tapered Round Low Bowl Self Watering Planter Insert - Multiple sizes

Tapered Round Low Bowl Self Watering Planter Insert - Multiple sizes


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Product Description

  • A sensor tube acts as a valve- It allows air to pass when the soil is dry, closes when moist
  • Fill hole located at the top-when full the reservoir is closed with a rubber stopper, creating airtight seal
  • When soil is moist the sensor is closed to prevent over watering.
  • When soil is dry, air is allowed through the sensor and breaks the vacuum, allowing water to flow into the soil from holes in the bottom
  • Roots wick up water like a sponge. When roots become moist the sensor closes and the vacuum is created stopping the flow of water
  • Whilst it rains, excess water will build up in the bottom until it reaches the overflow hole

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Product Overview

These container irrigation inserts are round and tapered at the bottom and have a short height so they can fit in a shallow low bowl planter. Designed to be dropped into a low bowl decorative planter. Plant directly in the insert and set in your favorite planter container. These inserts have a vacuum-sensor watering system that precisely controls the moisture levels in the soil and waters the plant when the soil starts to dry. The oversize reservoir allows for refill intervals up to 1-3 weeks. The moisture control with sub-irrigation makes these inserts convenient and efficient. The large fill hole accommodates a garden hose for easy filling. Each self watering insert comes with a screw-in overflow drain and a drain plug. The self watering planter insert is made of a hollow, airtight double wall reservoir, a moisture sensor with a porous tip, a water source, and a fill hole with stopper or plug.The reservoir is filled full through the hole at the top of the reservoir. A stopper is placed in the hole, creating an airtight seal. Then water flows into the soil through small holes at the bottom of each reservoir. Thanks to the capillary action of the soil, water wicks its way up until it reaches the moisture sensor, planted at a level 1/3 to 1/2-way down the container. Once the moisture reaches that level, the white tip of the sensor absorbs water and closes like a valve. It prevents air from passing through the tube, and a vacuum is created above the reservoir, keeping water from flowing into the soil. As the plants and flowers use the moisture and the soil starts to dry, the sensor tip dries and allows air to pass through the tube. The vacuum above the water is broken, and water can flow to the soil. The process forms a cycle, interrupted only by the removal of the stopper and the filling of the reservoir. The overflow drain (where present) allows excess water (typically rainwater) to escape without disrupting the cycle.

Additional Information

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Product Dimensions
  • 1.1 Gallon -17 inch Dia x 6 inch height
  • 2.2 Gallon -21 inch Dia x 7 inch height
  • 2.8 Gallon -25 inch Dia x 8 inch height
  • 4.4 Gallon -29 inch Dia x 9 inch height
  • 5.6 Gallon -34 inch Dia x 10 inch height
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