24in. XL Carolina Window Basket w/ Coco Liner

24in. XL Carolina Window Basket w/ Coco Liner

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Product Description

  • 25"L x 9.5"W x 10"H; Includes 24" Coco Liner
  • Recommended Mounting Hardware: 1 pkg bolts or 1 pair brackets

Product Overview

Traditional Outdoor Wall Flower Baskets with Coco Liners
Brimming with rustic country elegance, the XL Carolina outdoor wall planter basket provides extra nourishment to growing root systems while adding the eye-catching Southern charm you've been dreaming of. Each traditionally designed hanging window basket includes a coconut coir liner that adds to the natural look while adding extra benefits for your plants. Available here in the petite 24" length, this extra deep basket is perfect for smaller windows, including kitchen, double hung, and upper story windows. These flower baskets can also be used to adorn empty walls, fences, and balcony railings. It allows you to add an extra touch of curb appeal with live flowers, vines, and shrubs.

Easy-Mount Window Baskets
Like our English Garden flower baskets, the XL Carolina features a chic and simple design: round iron rods in perfectly perpendicular formation to give you that traditional hayrack look. The basket has a tapered bottom for extra visual appeal and a round bar lip. Fitting in well with any color scheme or exterior design style, the extra large Carolina hayrack outdoor wall planter basket is finished in a black powder coat. This matte finish enhances the antique look while also helping to preserve your window box for years to come, protected from rusting due to elemental exposure. These window baskets are easily hung from any flat vertical surface. We offer a variety of hardware to choose from on our site, including railing brackets, mounting bolts, and wall-mount brackets.

Cultivate Healthy Herbs and Flowers
This delightfully rustic wall or railing planter provides the perfect way to grow fresh herbs right outside your kitchen window or on an apartment balcony. Add seasonal flowers to your outdoor decor to show a unique display for every season. Unlike plastic liners, our coconut coir liners actually help to nourish your plants (and look handsome while doing it!). They provide superior aeration, drainage, antifungal protection, and trace minerals to help plants grow.

Additional Information

Ships In 3-4 Weeks
Product Dimensions 24"L x 9.5"W x 10"H

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