Fiberglass Window Boxes

Choose Fiberglass Window Boxes for a smart low-maintenance container garden. brings you lightweight, but extremely durable fiberglass planter boxes - some featuring real wood grain finishes. Most - if not all - boxes shown below include wall mounting brackets and can easily be converted into balcony railing planters with the addition of rail brackets.

Whether you're growing flowers, vegetables, or just want to add upscale curb appeal, window boxes are sure thing for success. Shop fiberglass window boxes online in many standard sizes and colors, or call us toll free to request custom lengths and finishes.

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Fabulous Fiberglass Window Boxes

Lightweight and enduring, fabulous Fiberglass Window Boxes are built to last. Pound for pound, these lightweight planter boxes are just as rugged as their concrete or stone counterparts but at a fraction of the weight or cost. As such, they make great railing planters, wall planters, and window box planters. Plus, because of flexibility of the fiberglass flower boxes, we can make shapes and sizes that would otherwise not be available in heavier materials. In addition, this flexibility also includes the ability to apply unique finishes that mimic wood, stucco, and sandstone, among others.

Fiberglass window boxes are remarkably durable too. For example, unlike wood or concrete, they won't warp, crack, chip, or rot, lasting season after season, year after year. And the colors; while specific styles may come in a standard color, our custom department can paint whatever shade matches your home's exterior decor. Further, since paint adheres to fiberglass boxes better than a wood substrate, repelling water, the paint does not chip or peel. Sizes, too, are customizable so if you need a larger or smaller planter box to fit your unique space, we can accommodate your request down to the quarter inch.

Most of our fiberglass window boxes come with drainage holes created to drain away excess water so roots don't become waterlogged and rot. Some styles come with drainage mats as well. If the design you select does not, just let us know and we can add it to keep your plants healthy and robust.

Lightweight, Durable Fiberglass Flower Boxes

Finally, many of our lightweight planter boxes include wall mounting brackets that enable you to mount them to any flat surface. And with additional hardware (sold separately) any of our wall planters can be converted to railing planters, dressing up your balcony or deck out back or the fence at the front of your home. Without a doubt, increasing the curb appeal of any home or business has never been easier with fabulous fiberglass window boxes.

Give us a call today about our fiberglass flower boxes and let us help take your home's upgrade project from vision to reality. Our design specialists are standing by with options for finishes, colors, hardware choices, and more.