Tapered Wave ArmoreCoat Copper Planter

Tapered Wave ArmoreCoat Copper Planter

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Product Description

Dress up your home and garden with attractive planters like this reflective Copper Wave design. This modern planter defies the elements while setting a beautiful backdrop for your flowers and plants.

  • Fiberglass core makes planter lightweight and sturdy
  • Real copper coating will patina over time to a blue-grey color
  • Drainage holes included
  • For use as a freestanding planter, a window box or railing planter (add brackets).

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Product Overview

Add Instant Appeal With Copper Garden Planters and Pots

Thinking you need a full yard or garden to enjoy beautiful flowers blooming throughout the warm weather months? Or, do you dream of dining with your own fresh grown greens or fragrant herbs? You don't need anything more than this stylish planter, brackets and a vertical growing space! This planting box can act as a patio planter on its own, but when combined with our optional mounting brackets, it's ideally suited along windowsills, balcony railings, or even old fences and walls. Even if you live in a high rise apartment, you can enjoy the perks of having fresh herbs or thriving plants for a little added beauty. Not only are they useful in residential settings, but planters also add curb appeal outside of businesses as well. These boxes feature a wavy texture for subtle interest combined with a luxurious copper finish that will age beautifully to a green/blue patina.

Get Metal Flower Boxes that Last

The liquid copper finish of this rugged - yet elegant - outdoor planter is perfectly accentuated by a durable fiberglass core. Fiberglass is known for being sturdy, weather resistant, and not prone to damage other materials often ensure when used for extended periods outdoors. This means you get metal planters without the drawbacks of dealing with heavy metal. And you won't have to worry about rusting, rotting or even sun damage. It's also an easy to clean material, so emptying and replanting with the changing seasons is no longer an issue. Drainage holes are included to ensure rain water can escape (promotes healthy root systems). Ask our experts about additional sizes and customization options.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Weeks
Product Dimensions Choose Length x 12"W x 12"H

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