Estate Collection Window Boxes

Our Estate Collection of PVC Window Boxes are handmade using a wood-alternative material known as cellular PVC. This composite material looks like wood, and is as solid and dense as heavy wood. Each box is individually built by our craftsmen just as if they were using sheets of wood. The true benefit of this weather resistant material resides in the properties of the material itself - it won't crack, twist or rot - and insects want nothing to do with this stuff! offers over a dozen styles of composite window boxes in standard sizes. PVC planter boxes can be ordered with or without the cleat mounting system, depending on your needs. The cleat system makes it fast and easy to install and remove when needed. For permanent installations and for use on balcony and deck railings, the direct mount design securely bolts directly to walls through the back of the box. Window box support brackets can be ordered that fit over rails without drilling into them. Need more planting space? Be sure to check out our extra large window boxes which feature thicker walls and are 2" deeper than non-XL designs. Shop standard sizes online or call toll-free to request custom window box planters.

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Estate Collection Flower Window Boxes

The Estate Collection of PVC flower boxes offer exceptional value for the price. Made with durable cellular composite material, these lovely plant containers are a great wood-alternative. Wood accepts water; this material does not, allowing the Estate Collection's rot proof medium to provide superior durability, longevity and strength. But that's not all. With many styles and sizes to choose from, Estate Collection boxes offer beauty as well - beauty that fits many home exterior décors. Besides our standard flower box sizes, we also carry extra large window boxes for homes with longer windows. Extra long boxes can also be used to cover several windows in a row. In addition, we make customize sizes as well.

Why PVC Window Boxes Hold Up

What is PVC and why is it so invaluable as window box material? PVC (Polyvinyl chloride, sometimes called "Vinyl") material comes in many forms. However, the 5/8" thick composite material that we use in our Estate Collection is the same material used every day in new home construction. It is also often used in remodels for exterior trim board, garage door frames, door jambs, hot tub surrounds, and more. Since the Estate Collection PVC has no water absorbing properties as mentioned above, it's ideally suited to moisture-prone applications. This is one significant reason we use this material in a window box that is exposed to frequent contact with wet soil. Additionally, wood-boring bees, beetles, ants and other insects will not cause any damage to these beautiful flower window boxes.

Plastic Window Box Planters That Look Like Wood

We also offer other plastic window box planters (See "Vinyl" Section) in softer, more flexible, "plasticized" forms that are also rot proof. However, these planters don't offer the wood-like appearance of the Estate Collection. All of our Estate Collection PVC flower boxes come in standard white, but can be easily painted any color using an exterior grade latex paint. can also make any Estate Collection planter to whatever special length or custom dimensions you require. For custom plant box inquiries or additional information, please call us at 888-427-3362 to discuss your specific project or needs.

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