The Unity Chic Direct Mount Window Box

The Unity Chic Direct Mount Window Box

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Product Description

Bring harmony to windows, walls and garden fences with the clean and modern, Unity Chic Window Box Planter. These crisp, white window boxes will never rot, warp, twist, or crack - unlike containers made from wood or vinyl. Planters made from solidcore PVC composite look and feel like wood, but without the worry of natural degradation.

  • PVC material is inherently white, but can easily be painted
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes
  • Optional faux brackets (also called decorative corbels)
  • Stock sizes 24" to 72" long
  • Custom orders accepted.

The Unity Chic direct mount window box can be installed easily using 3/8" diameter lag bolts (sold separately below). For brick and masonry application be sure to pick up bolts with lag shields. Drainage holes included. Buy PVC window boxes online or call toll-free for custom pricing, or to speak with a garden expert: 1-888-427-3362

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24in. Unity Chic Direct Mount Window Box
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48in. Unity Chic Direct Mount Window Box
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72in. Unity Chic Direct Mount Window Box
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Product Overview

Reaping the Benefits of PVC Window Boxes

The material we use to manufacture our Estate collection PVC window boxes goes above and beyond when it comes to longevity and durability. The 5/8" thick walls are made from close-cell PVC, a material that mimics the look and feel of wood, but without any of the downsides. That's right!

  • No rotting
  • No warping
  • No chipping
  • No peeling - EVER.

Since composite PVC material is inherently white, you never need to refinish. These white flower boxes just need a wipe down or a spritz of water from the hose to clean, restoring their brilliant hue. PVC composite accepts paint well. Be sure you clean the container prior to applying paint, thoroughly to remove any surface oils so that the paint will stick well.

How to Attach Faux Brackets to Window Boxes

Faux brackets are a quick and easy way to dress up your containers and add architectural interest to around your home and garden. Flower boxes 24" to 48" long look best with 2-3, while larger boxes look best with 3-4 faux brackets.

  • Measure from the exterior ends of the window box, moving in. If your window box exceeds the width of your window, we recommend placing the outermost pieces aligned with your window frame. Mark where you intend to place brackets using a pencil.
  • Flip the box upside down and attach brackets using PVC adhesive (sold at local hardware stores). Be sure to apply the glue to each faux bracket vs. the planter itself and place so each is flush with the back edge of the window box.
  • Allow adhesive to dry for 20-30 minutes, minimum, then hang and add soil and plants.

Questions? We're happy to help! Reach our helpful staff, weekdays 7am-5pm for assistance: 1-888-427-3362

Additional Information

Additional Info

Our Estate Collection Window Boxes are manufactured using a leading brand cellular composite material, offering an unequalled combination of uniformity, durability, and beauty. Cellular PVC is an amazing product that will not split, cup, rot, warp or twist. In fact, since cellular composite products can be used in direct contact with the ground or masonry it is often the material choice for moisture-prone applications like garage door jambs and hot tub surrounds. All of our high quality Premier Window Planter Boxes and planters come in standard white, but can also be easily painted any color to suit your needs. You can even faux paint them for an added effect. In addition to these lengths in any custom length - simply call 1-888-427-3362 to request a quote.

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions Length x 8"W x 8"H

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