Self Watering Window Boxes

Create a lovely back drop for your flowers with an elegant yet affordable self watering planter or window box. This collection features a more plasticized form of PVC and are pre-molded with simple trim styles. While not as "wood-like" as our Estate Collection Cellular PVC, these decorative options are just as durable and more light weight than wood. Our self watering units feature an extra deep design to ensure that your plants have plenty of room to grow. Choose from white, black and clay in many models or create your own color at home. These window boxes are easy to paint with most latex or oil based paints. Available in several designs and a variety of sizes, you'll be amazed at the quality, beauty and simplicity of bringing your vision to life.

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Plants always have that lovely after-the-rain freshness when you treat them to a self-watering window box. This innovative solution is the ideal way to get more flowers and bigger plants. They won't know you don't get the 35 inches of rain common to the world's greatest gardening areas or when you're on vacation!

Most of us have trouble figuring out how often to water some plants, or when we last watered each one. These options solve all those problems, with each plant taking just the amount it needs.

Make it easy to enjoy even the most tropical plants at home wherever you live, whether inside all year or to winter over. Decks, patios and gardens are designed for some well-deserved relaxation, and you'll have lots more time to kick back and enjoy the beauty you've created by adding self-sustaining window boxes.

While plants of any color accent well in white boxes, you may be especially pleased with deck rail planters designed in pastel and silver tones, white and whites with color accents, or rich colors in deep tones including reds, greens, purples and blues. products offer lovely but durable fiberglass you and your plants will enjoy for years. Also ideal for any hard-to-reach places, or in areas that provide a sun/shade mix you don't get elsewhere, these plant containers are definitely a win-win for you and your plants.