Belterra Self-Watering Window Box Planters - Garnet

Belterra Self-Watering Window Box Planters - Garnet


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Product Overview

Create a winning outdoor display with this striking garnet self-watering flower box. It features a durable heavy-duty vinyl exterior that won't fade or rust, combined with a convenient removable liner. When frost or storms threaten, just lift your plants out of the box using the side handles and keep them safely inside until the warm weather returns. This WindowBox planter is unlike most others, as it features a sub-irrigation system that waters your plants for up to 12 weeks in the right conditions. That means flowers stay hydrated and nourished, without you having to worry about getting outdoors to water them every day. Even during the hottest of weather, your plants stay watered and healthy. Mount the planter to virtually any outdoor setting, including balcony railings and walls. Enjoy fresh flowers just about anywhere.

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20in. Belterra Self-Watering Window Box Planter-Garnet
31in. Belterra Self-Watering Window Box Planter-Garnet

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Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 21"L x 7"W x 7"H
31"L x 7"W x 7"H

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