10" Knoxville Corner Wall Planter with Coconut Liner

10" Knoxville Corner Wall Planter with Coconut Liner


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Product Description

Perk up a plain corner with a rustic wrought iron wall plant holder and get just the right finishing touch for your space. Indoors or outdoors, these charming metal corner hanging planters are sure to blend in with any type of decor just as they bring colorful blooms that will steal the scene. Made with sturdy welded construction and a black powder coat finish, these all-weather corner wall planters bring new life to porches, balconies, and patios. Have we mentioned that each Knoxville planter comes with a perfectly fitted coconut fiber insert? Trailing foliage looks spectacular in these rustic garden baskets!

Product Overview

Want to fill every possible space out on your apartment balcony or front porch with lively fresh flowers and foliage? To make your outdoor space look like a lush garden from spring to winter use that empty vertical space and fill it will hanging wall plant holders. And don't forget about those often-overlooked corners! Our 10" Knoxville corner wall planters are designed just for those spots where the walls intersect. With a rounded half moon front and angled back, this wrought iron planter basket will fit right in, allowing you to maximize your planting area on even the smallest outdoor spots.

Depend on durable construction to keep your Knoxville corner planter looking fantastic for many years to come, no matter what the conditions. These welded wrought iron wall baskets have a sleek black powder coat finish that will keep the signs of rust and aging at bay. Plus, this simple finish gives the planter an elegant look that will fit in with any type of decor. Our corner planters get an extra touch of rustic charm with the addition of a formed coconut coir liner insert. These organic liners are all ready for planting and will keep your flowering plants healthy all season long. They also offer superior moisture retention and drainage for the natural growth of healthier root systems.

Corner wall planters are a smart and stylish option for folks who want to bring some garden beauty to small spaces. They are easy to hang on any vertical surface and offer plenty of interior space for all of your favorite seasonal flowers, herbs, and trailing foliage. Draw some attention to that back corner of a fenced in yard with cascading alyssum, dichondra, and lobelia. Brighten up that dark corner on your deck with some brightly colored petunias, bougainvillea, and begonias.

Additional Information

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Product Dimensions 10"L x 10"W x 11"H

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