13" Replacement Coconut Liner for Knoxville Half Round Wall Planter

13" Replacement Coconut Liner for Knoxville Half Round Wall Planter


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Product Description

Want to really get this season's outdoor garden display off to a good start? Try adding these all-natural coco liner inserts to your half round wall planters. These rustic brown container garden planter liners are designed specifically to work with 14" half moon hanging planters. Not only will they give metal cage planters a lovely earthy look, but they'll also keep your plants healthy and happy. Our coconut fiber wall planter liners are perfect for regulating moisture on those hot summer days. Easy to use and easy to remove, these convenient liners can be replaced every 6-10 months to keep your patio or balcony planters looking their best.


Product Overview

Upgrading those old wrought iron wall planters has never been easier: all you have to do is fill them with these delightfully rustic coco liner inserts. Designed to snuggle right into your 14" half round wrought iron or metal cage planters, these coconut liners take uninspired container gardens to new levels of beauty (and health!). They can also be used with wooden and plastic planters to add an extra layer of insulation. With a warm brown hue and rugged texture, these bird's nest wall planter liners are sure to complete the look for traditional, rustic, log cabin, and nautical types of decor.

Why use coconut fiber planter liners? Decorative value aside, if you want the best medium for your potted plants coco liners are the way to go. Crafted from the husks of sustainably sourced coconuts, these liners are a natural option for keeping your plants healthy and prolific. Coco liners are great at retaining moisture, which means that you can cut your watering chores in half. Even on the hottest summer days your plants will drink up as needed. And with superior drainage you won't have to worry about waterlogged roots. Coconut fiber can also serve as compost for your plants as it breaks down.

When your old coconut coir liners have seen better days we make it easy to replace them. It's only a click away! We've crafted these 13" half round liners to fit perfectly into our 14" Knoxville metal wall planters. Season after season your hanging planters will look brand new for a low cost and low maintenance. You can transplant your old root ball to the new liner, or simply start from scratch with new soil and seedlings. We recommend replacing your coconut wall planter liners every 6-10 months for a fresh look, though they will last much longer.

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Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 13"L x 7"W x 7"H

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