14" Knoxville Half Round Wall Planter with Coconut Liner

14" Knoxville Half Round Wall Planter with Coconut Liner


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Product Description

Start with a blank canvas and let your garden beauty shine with these simple rustic wall planter baskets. Made from black powder-coated wrought iron, our 14" long vertical planters for outdoors and indoors are all ready to hold your favorite flowers and vines. Each Knoxville half moon planter comes with a coconut fiber liner insert that makes gardening a breeze (and adds a delightfully natural look to the display). Dress up any wall, window, railing, or fence with this versatile container garden planter. While coco liners can be replaced bi-annually, this metal hanging planter will last for many years in any location.

Product Overview

Sometimes the most beautiful things in life start out simple. Create the perfect canvas for a container garden work of art with this minimalist rustic wall planter basket. Crafted from heavy-duty round wrought iron bars, our Knoxville half round vertical planters allow your blooms and buds to shine while improving your home's exterior design. This black metal hanging planter is versatile enough to fit in with any type of outdoor decor from English country, to nautical, to contemporary. Complete with an earthy coconut coir liner, this 14" long planter is all ready to fill with your favorite colorful flowers, fragrant herbs, and trailing foliage.

Made to last for many seasons in any type of weather these sturdy outdoor wall planters are made with welded wrought iron construction. A black powder coat finish gives them an elegant look while also working to keep the metal free of rust, scratches, and corrosion. We recommend swapping out the coconut fiber liner with one of the 13" replacement liners found on our site every 6-10 months for a fresh new look. However, the coco liner will give you a charmingly worn-in woodsy look if you decided to keep in your wrought iron planter for many seasons to come. Did we mention that coco liners are great for maintaining plant health?

The options are endless for outdoor embellishment with our Knoxville half moon wall planters. We also offer this design in 20" and 10" corner planter design. Keep the look consistent out on your terrace or front porch to achieve massive curb appeal points. Not just for walls, these hanging planters can also be hung under window, on railings, and along fences. Bring container garden beauty upward and create attractive focal points in your backyard. Each planter has integrated hooks for easy mounting on any vertical surface.

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Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 14"L x 7"W x 8" H

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