14" Memphis Antique Brown Wall Planter with Coconut Liner

14" Memphis Antique Brown Wall Planter with Coconut Liner


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Product Description

Make a statement with decorative wall mounted planters designed to give antiques a run for their money. These faux-vintage brown metal wall planters have all the rustic charm of European country artifacts but the durability of modern design. Let the scrolling wrought iron carry your porch or balcony away to a classical French courtyard. Mount this planter basket beneath a window, or on a railing, fence or wall to draw attention with elegant style. A coconut coir liner adds a rustic touch to this planter while also bringing moisture-retaining benefits to your container garden plants. Cascading flowers are a sensational accompaniment.


Product Overview

Love the look of antique wrought iron hanging wall planters? Give your own outdoor or indoor space that same touch of Old World European charm by hanging a few of these 14" brown metal wall planters on your front porch, balcony, or living room walls. Not only do wall mounted planters allow you to lift the garden up off the ground, but they also create an eye-catching focal point to dress up uninspired spaces. Whether real or artificial, these wrought iron planters look superb when filled with cascading greenery like trailing ivy and lobelia.

Alive with whimsical fleur de lis and scrolling swirls, these weathered wrought iron planters draw their inspiration for classic French country and courtyard design. With the look of real aged bronze these hanging planters will transport your patio or pool house back to the past with elegant style. And the best thing about these antique-inspired planters is that they are handcrafted with modern ingenuity that is made to last. Hang this sturdy planter in any outdoor spot and enjoy rustic European charm for years to come. Each easy-to-install wall planter comes with a half round coconut coir liner that will securely hold your plants inside.

If you think that the coconut liner that completes this antique planter duo is just for decoration, think again. Coconut coir does so much more than just add a rustic touch to outdoor planters! Sustainably sourced from the inner husks of coconuts, these moisture-retaining liners are a match made in heaven for all kinds of plants. Your potted beauties will stay hydrated on those hot summer days thanks to these liners. And drainage is never a problem with this openwork wrought iron planter and coir combo. When it comes time to reinvigorate your potted display you can simply purchase replacement coco coir liners from our site.

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Product Dimensions 14"L x 7"W x 7"H

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