Artificial Window Box Flowers

Create a lively and maintenance-free window garden using silk flower arrangements, available online at We know our customers love to fill planter boxes with vibrant flowers, cascading vines and springy greens. Outdoor artificial plants and flowers provide that opportunity in hard-to-reach spots, or areas with too much or too little sunlight.

Our DIY arrangements come in attractive styles for all your favorite window box ideas. Artificial azaleas, ferns, bougainvillea and geranium are all here, and tropical flowers as well. For a lasting window garden, products are made from quality-grade PolyBlend materials that have UV protection built in.

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Fake Flower Arrangements for Window Boxes

Make window box ideas spring to life, without water, using artificial flowers and plants. Our flower arrangements are the ideal solution in hard-to-plant areas like second story windows, and under- or over-exposed parts of your home. Also to create a lovely window garden without the demands of live plant care. Whatever the reason, artificial flower arrangements are the way to go for a beautiful, no-maintenance window box...unless you count dusting!

This selection of window box plants features brilliant flowering vines, faux ferns, and even tropical plant varieties. Choose from styles like buoyant fake geraniums, cascading azaleas and elegant fern and ivy arrangements. Using silk flowers is fun and easy, and allows gardeners to use plant types that were previously off limits. Make window boxes never before possible and proudly display in any nook or cranny of your home exterior.

Fade Resistant Beauty that Lasts

Adding planter boxes to second story windows? Consider fade resistant faux flowers for a maintenance-free display. Faux plants eliminate the need for watering, thereby relieving homeowners from the struggle to reach upper level windows. And in exterior areas with too little or too much sunlight, swap in an arrangement of geraniums or azaleas to alleviate exposure concerns. Fake plants have UV protection built in to prevent scorching and fading, and they don't mind a dark corner of the house either.

Expertly Crafted Realistic Botanicals

Our realistic silk flowers and foliage are made from quality-grade PolyBlend materials for a lifelike look. Whether its artificial greenery like ferns and ivy, or brightly colored artificial floral arrangements, each variety offers an impressive imitation of nature. Choose botanicals based on your live garden and landscaping choices to create the most cohesive and authentic looking display.

This assortment of products has something to offer anyone looking for a beautiful window box arrangement. Shop online or call to work with a customer service representative: 1-888-427-3362