Textured Bronze Metal Window Box Liners

Textured Bronze Metal Window Box Liners


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Product Overview

Beautiful in bronze tones, these planter box liners add polish to curb appeal. Fill with any vine, green or flower, and watch window boxes light up deck railings, patio walls and front porch sills.

Window Box Liner Features

  • Durable galvanized metal build
  • Rust resistant, textured finishing
  • Drainage holes pre-drilled
  • Use as planter box liners or alone

No matter the plant or flower, window boxes are set up well for container gardening splendor. Sturdy galvanized metal walls keep your growing medium and roots in place, while all-over powder coated finishing helps each window box liner to resist corrosion outdoors. Enjoy this curb appeal gem for many a season.

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24in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
30in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
36in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish

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42in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
48in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
54in. Metal WindowBox Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
60in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
72in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish

Additional Information

Additional Info

Like a bright flower, window boxes colored bronze tend to steal the show. The eye can't help but move across the textured surface of these gorgeous planter box liners. Talk about an ideal place to start up new container garden ideas this season! Conducive to creativity and five-star curb appeal.

Not Just Any Window Box Liner

For small space gardens that leave an impression, bronze planter box liners provide a gorgeous jumping off point. First thing's first – containers are ultra-durable. A frame constructed out of galvanized metal provides a solid potting space that never feels flimsy. Add to that a luxury powder coated finish with the look of textured bronze and, presto! It's a flower box that can look classic or contemporary with a simple tweak of the display. Also, switch up plant choices each year to try new things and find your favorites.

Use Bronze Flower Boxes on their Own, Too!

While this is a fitted window box liner for our wrought iron and aluminum planter cages, it's also a capable container all on its own. Each box is manufactured with an impressive level of detail right up to the rolled top rim. It's these little things in addition to durable materials and sophisticated finishes that make all the difference. Just add brackets or planter hangers that support the full weight of the box for best results.

Need a Custom Bronze Flower Window Box?

We make it a point to include the most popular sizes online. However, don't feel left out of the bronze beauty craze if you don't see the dimensions you need. Call 888-427-3362 for more information on custom textured bronze window boxes and liners.

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 24"L x 8"W x 8.5"H
30"L x 8"W x 8.5"H
36"L x 8"W x 8.5"H
42"L x 8"W x 8.5"H
48"L x 8"W x 8.5"H
54"L x 8"W x 8.5"H
60"L x 8"W x 8.5"H
72"L x 8"W x 8.5"H

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