Wood Window Boxes

Get that natural look with wooden flower boxes made of cedar and redwood. People have relied on the strength of natural timber for thousands of years, and nothing matches its warm beauty. This makes wooden window boxes the perfect addition to any home.

Cedar window boxes and redwood flower boxes are naturally durable and rot-resistant. Count on them for years of reliable loveliness. The rich grain of wood window boxes gives them curb appeal unlike anything else, welcoming visitors to your home like a friendly tree. Choose from many styles and sizes of wooden planter boxes, including custom sizes for those unique projects.

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Wooden Window Boxes

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Capture effortless beauty via container garden with natural wooden window boxes. When it comes to quintessential curb appeal, nothing wows quite like the freshness of cedar planters spilling over with brilliant florals and greenery. So, it's no wonder that many a proud homeowner begin their exterior improvements right here.

Our customers, new and returning, love the array of rustic wooden planters featured in our convenient online store. Using the best materials, classic construction techniques and an eye for what gardeners love, we've put together some container gardening and flower box favorites to suit all types of home architecture.

An extensive selection of cedar window boxes satisfies that craving for timeless garden arrangements. Derived from Northern White and Western Red varieties of the tree, these durable, natural planters are ideal for organic gardening. A cedar window box is also a joy because it provides options for display. Keep and enjoy the natural wood grain as is or add paint and stain to your green thumb's desire.

When it comes to outdoor improvements, wooden flower boxes are among one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects out there. Not to mention, container gardens and wood planter boxes can be applied in multiple ways. Mount wooden planter boxes in the traditional method below a window frame, or hang along a fence, bare patio wall or gazebo. Window boxes that are finished on all four sides can also sit atop ledges, tables or pillars, thereby adding planting space and more opportunities for vibrant color.

Customers can easily browse to learn more about each product. Some of our container gardening planters can also be customized by calling toll free. And for popular wooden window box alternatives, check out our Estate Collection of planters made from durable Cellular PVC. Explore our collection online, or call toll-free for more information: 1-888-427-3362