4pk of 2in.Long x 1/4in.Dia. Lag Bolts w/ Lag Shields

4pk of 2in.Long x 1/4in.Dia. Lag Bolts w/ Lag Shields


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Product Overview

For use in mounting Iron, Tapered Iron, Hayrack or Aluminum Boxes to home with brick or masonry siding.  Use one pack (4 bolts) for mounting boxes 24"-36" in length and two packs for longer boxes. All cages have predrilled holes in the metal work on the back of the cage and these should be used to mark your hole locations on your brick, stone or other wall.  Drill and insert the lag shields then using the bolts, secure them through the box holes and into the lag shields.  Washers on bolt heads are not needed nor included.


Additional Information

Additional Info

Nearly all window boxes shoud be directly mounted to studs in the wall beneath the window via direct drilling in the back of the box or the use of an integrated cleat system.  This spreads the weight evenly and securely against the wall.  Installation instruction are available online  and included with your shipment in the envelope on the outside of your package with the packing slip.The type of lag bolts and/or bolts + shields are very specific to each home and your contractor or handyman should be consulted to insure your box is secured to your home.

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