Dried 18in. Feathery Friends Wreath

Dried 18in. Feathery Friends Wreath

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Product Description

A best-seller, the Dried Feathery Friends wreath is handcrafted in America from natural elements grown in sunny Florida along with colorful turkey and pheasant feathers. The family-owned farm is nestled in the perfect zone in which Southern Magnolia Trees lushly thrive. You won't find wider, thicker magnolia leaves than those featured in this finely crafted décor!

Harvested for this Piece:

  • Turkey and pheasant feathers
  • Dried magnolia leaves
  • Mixed dried seeds and grasses

Shop our Winter and Fall wreaths collections online or call for additional sizes or for assistance finding the perfect Made in USA decorations for your home: 888-427-3362


Product Overview

A Turkey and a Pheasant Walked into an Autumn Wreath…

The combination of turkey feathers mingling with pheasant feathers creates a display that really must be seen to be believed. The richness and texture of the feathers makes the wreath look far superior than most wreaths. Placing them on a backdrop of dried magnolia adds to the depth of the entire piece creating a jaw-dropping display. It's the perfect addition to your holiday décor.

Dried Magnolia Wreaths Go with Everything

This Fall feather wreath is a best-seller annually for a reason. It is crafted with the most elegant turkey and pheasant feathers available, and the magnolia leaves are carefully dried and cut so they keep their original shape and texture. The wreath is hand woven and no two wreaths will ever look exactly the same, so even though many people might buy it, the only identical element that will run through those wreaths is the quality that went into making it.

An Elegant Addition No Matter Where It's Placed

Place it on your front door and wait for the compliments to pour in from guests and passersby. Hang it in your kitchen or front windows for a more understated addition to your holiday décor. Or if you don't want subtle, place the wreath above a fireplace or in a common area and let it be the focal point. Wherever you hang this magnolia, turkey, pheasant wreath it will add elegance and joy.

*For best results hang in a cool, dry location. No feathered friends were harmed during the making of this wreath.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 18" Diameter

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