Dried Elegant Autumn 18in. Wreath

Dried Elegant Autumn 18in. Wreath

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Product Description

Basically an Autumn Bouquet, this wreath is handcrafted in the United States from natural elements grown on the Southeastern United States. The family-owned farm is located in the most desirable growing zone for Southern Magnolia Trees to lushly thrive. A gorgeous accent for your home throughout the Fall season, this finely crafted home accent is just the touch of traditional elegance your home d├ęcor needs.

Harvested for this Piece:

  • Dried green and brown magnolia leaves and pods
  • Colorful dried Autumn leaves
  • Mini pumpkins
  • Dried broomcorn (sorghum grass)

Browse more Fall/Autumn wreaths collection online or call for additional sizes or for assistance finding the perfect Made in USA decorations for your home: 888-427-3362


Product Overview

Front Door Decorations for When the Weather Gets Colder

When we enter the cooler months of the year, we often decide it time to change up the look of the exterior of our home. We might paint the shutters and the front stoop, and we probably remove screens that let in summer breezes, replacing them with glass panes. We might also decide to decorate a bit, and this magnolia leaf wreath is perfect for front porches and window decorating. Crafted with bright Autumn leaves and accents like mini pumpkins, broomcorn and magnolia pods, all set against a magnolia leaf backdrop, this wreath makes visitors feel welcome even before they knock on your door.

Magnolia Leaf Wreaths Are a Welcoming Sight

Our leaf wreaths are made with actual leaves, which lends to both the unique and authentic look to our front door decorations. Each leaf and accent is picked at the peak of color and freshness, so your wreath will be as colorful as possible. Each wreath is crafted by an artist, so no two wreaths ever look the same. No cookie cutter, pull it off the shelf, dust it off and ship it activities around here. Your wreath is just as freshly dried and original as you are.

There's No Wrong Place to Hang the Right Wreath

Wreaths traditionally are placed on front doors, but there's no rule that says that is the only option. A wreath can go on a garage door, or can be hung from an eave. Hang the wreath on your chimney of from the light post that welcomes at the beginning of the driveway. The mailbox post can also host a wreath, as can any window in your home. There is no wrong place to hang this wreath; if seeing it makes you smile, then it's in the right place.

*For best results hang in a cool, dry location.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 18" Diameter

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