Dried Flowery 18in. Wreath

Dried Flowery 18in. Wreath

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Product Description

Looking for a stunning dried wreath for Fall? This 18" dried floral wreath is handcrafted in the United States from natural elements grown on the Southeast region of the country. The family-owned farm is located in the most desirable growing zone for Southern Magnolia Trees to lushly thrive, producing a wider, thicker, glossier leaf than attainable in other locales. A gorgeous accent for your home throughout the Fall season, this finely crafted home accent is also great for year-round display.

Harvested for this Piece:

  • Magnolia leaves
  • Natural lotus pods
  • Pomegranates
  • Plum foliage
  • Garden hydrangeas
  • Artichokes

Browse our Fall/Autumn harvest wreaths collection online or call for additional sizes or for assistance finding the perfect Made in USA decorations for your home: 888-427-3362

Product Overview

This Lotus Pod Wreath Featuring Stunning Magnolias

The combination of pomegranates, artichokes and natural lotus pods might make you scratch your head and wonder, but when combined with magnolia leaves the trio combine to make a stunning wreath. Pomegranates and artichokes are masterfully intertwined with lotus pods on a dried magnolia leaf backdrop to create a colorful display of greens, rusts, reds and yellows. The wreath will make a welcome addition to your fall décor.

Inspired Floral Fall Wreaths Worth Celebrating

Decorating with artichokes generally isn't a first thought, but the plucky, leafy veggie is a wonderful addition to this wreath. Pomegranates are rather common since they are a traditionally a fall fruit. But the combination of the bright green veggie and the bright red fruit create a lovely display. Throw in the deep brown of the lotus pods and the traditionally autumnal colors of magnolia leaves and you have a wreath that make the ideal focal point. And because each piece of the wreath is hand selected and crafted by artists, your wreath will be unique and an original.

It Will Look Fabulous Anywhere

Whether you hang in on the front door, or in your front window this wreath will look gorgeous. You can hang it from your mailbox, or a light post or on a fence gate and it will still be amazing. There is no where you could place this wreath and it would not look amazing. The front door is the most popular place since it has such a welcoming and warm appearance. It can also decorate the interior of your home. It looks great over the fireplace or on a wall as a focal point. There is truly no bad place to hang this wreath.

*For best results hang in a cool, dry location.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 18" Diameter

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