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Our selection of fresh wreaths offers something to make anyone swoon. Rather than live-cut flowers, Floral Wreaths have the potential to stick around for a while. In fresh and dried circular designs, these make a loving gift that will adorn your favorite woman's wall or front door with a symbol of affection and appreciation.

Buy live or dried flower wreaths that feature adoring arrangements like bear grass, lavender and wild roses. Choose based on your favorite plants or simply select a color scheme you prefers. Each of the wreaths featured here is shipped with care to ensure a lovely presentation.

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Fresh wreaths are a lasting gift that will charm your home. In fact, some of our dried flower wreaths can be displayed for months, even years, if cared for and stored correctly. Featuring lively arrangements like dried lavender in an elegant deep purple, or an assortment of daffodils and pussy willow, there is something here that anyone will be delighted to receive.

All your life she doted on you, and wreaths allow you to return the favor. Get that special someone something new to hang on the front door, in the foyer, or on the walls of a kitchen or sunroom. Live fresh wreaths and dried flower wreaths can be displayed inside or outside as an accent. For interior spaces, women will enjoy a temporary replacement of living room or kitchen wall hangings with a flourishing circular wreath. Outside, fresh wreaths and dried flower Wreaths are easy to hang on a front door or on a garden hook. Let that special someone put your love on display for longer than fresh-cut flowers can promise.

Larkspur, scented burgundy, bear grass, wild roses, lavender, nigella pods, pink gomphrena and winterbud just begin the list of plants incorporated into these creative arrangements. Colors include bright pinks, purples, reds and yellow on backdrops of rich greens and earthy browns. Floral Wreaths are offered with combinations of dried and fresh plants and flowers and can be maintained to last long after the holiday brunch concludes. Misting with a spray bottle is a way to maintain live wreaths and dusting is easy for preserved versions with a light feather duster.

Near the holiday, our fresh wreaths and dried flower wreaths are gifts that are subject to increase by demand for online orders. To ensure your present arrives on time it is best to order well in advance to ensure availability of the style you prefer. For more information on availability and estimated shipping times, please click on individual products above. Product descriptions also include more description of the plants used, dimensions of the Floral Wreath, and any fragrant components.