Fiberglass Supreme Window Box

How to Choose the Best Window Boxes for You

Summer is right around the corner, which means window box ideas are flourishing in the minds of gardeners and home decorators everywhere. If you promised yourself that last year was the last year for the same dull display, you should keep your promise and search for the best window boxes for you, your mood, and the upcoming season.

In the sections below, we will discuss which window boxes are best for different environments, conditions, and garden types.

PVC & Resin & Plastic Window Boxes

Did you have problems with pesky bugs and rotting with your window box planters last year? Is so, PVC, Resin, and Plastic window boxes could be the miracle you need to keep your garden free of bugs and decay. These window boxes have a natural resistance to rotting, inclement weather, and pests. Plus, they come in a variety of different sizes, colors, and shapes – all easy to mount and perfect for housing your summertime flowers.

Cambridge Window Box

Wood Window Boxes

Traditional, classic, and beautiful in the most charming way, wood window boxes – our personal favorites for growing food – are handcrafted to be lightweight and durable. Most of these wooden window box planters from our collection are harvested from fallen redwoods in California, but we also have varieties of red & white cedar. The freshness of the wood is tantalizing to your nose, while each cedar and redwood window box naturally keeps the usual pests and decay at bay. These flower boxes are ideal for organic gardening, like fresh vegetables and herbs.

Lattice Rail Flower Box

Fiberglass Window Boxes

Lightweight and durable, fiberglass window boxes never, ever deteriorate. Their natural composition boasts immunities to the usual wear-and-tear that can come from sitting in the sunshine all day, or going through years of inclement weather. You can literally leave these window boxes outside of your windows all year-around, and they will still maintain their beautiful exterior, as well as their useful interior. Additionally, since these window box planters are so popular, they are offered in a large array of colors.

Fiberglass Supreme Window Box


Vinyl Window Boxes

For those with a budget in mind, the vinyl window boxes are cheaper in price, but strong in composition. Their durability and versatility make them perfect for a variety of flowers, vegetables, and herbs, as well as sprawling vines. Plus, some of these options from our collection come with self-watering features, nixing the need for all-the-time hands-on gardening.

Presidential Window Box

Trough-Style Farmhouse Window Baskets

Great for drought-tolerant plants and trough gardens, the trough window baskets have a traditional cottage look and feel that many home owners will enjoy. These flower boxes come in a slew of different sizes, and we can even customize the length and depth of these window troughs to accommodate your home specifications.

English Garden Window Box

Modernized Farmhouse Window Boxes

These faux wood planter boxes could also be listed under the aforementioned Fiberglass section above, but we feel these are truly in category of their own. If you’re looking for exterior modern farmhouse design ideas, the Urban Farmhouse Window Boxes are the smartest decision you can make. Boasting lightweight, durable fiberglass construction, we mold the boxes from real hickory for the natural look of wood window boxes, minus the maintenance, rotting, twisting and color changes that happen. Trending for 2015, the Urban Farmhouse Window Boxes come in your choice of: Reclaimed Dark Hickory, Distressed Reclaimed, Reclaimed Cherry and Distressed Driftwood.

Urban Farmhouse Window Box

Copper, Aluminum, and Metal Window Boxes

Piled into a single category, copper, aluminum, and metal window boxes are the strength of the gardening world. Where copper window boxes nourishes soil with natural nutrients and a gently patina elegance, aluminum window planters are heavy-duty for a no-rust, no-fuss option that boosts your curb appeal. Meanwhile, metal window boxes are more traditional, for those who love the feel of handcrafted home décor with a European-inspired appearance.

[one_half]Del Mar Heights Tapered Iron Window Box with Real Copper Liner[/one_half][one_half_last]Contemporary Window Box Cage[/one_half_last]

Creating the Perfect Window Box Garden

One of the biggest complains of window box gardeners comes from planting in window boxes for shade or window boxes for sun.

If you have flowers that are destined for sunshine, measuring for window planters would be best done with durable fiberglass window boxes in mind. Whereas, vines and sprawling plants that thrive in shade would work better with lightweight window planters, such as farmhouse window boxes, or nourishing mineral window planters, like copper window boxes.

Now, with all of this information in mind, nudge yourself to finally pick our your container at and create the perfect window box garden for YOU!

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