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Decorative Faux Brackets

Add depth and detail to your window boxes with decorative window box brackets. These decorative brackets don't support the weight of the window box, but they do enhance architectural appeal. For flower boxes between 24"-48" in length we recommend 2 brackets, or 3-4 brackets for planters 60"-72" in length. Made from cellular PVC or architectural grade molded foam, these decorative brackets are sold separately from boxes, or as an additional option at the time of window box purchase. Easily attach the decorative window box brackets brackets to the bottom of the window box with PVC epoxy or wood screws (glue and screws not included).

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Set Descending Direction

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PVC Flower Box Brackets Add Style

Long known to increase style to your home's exterior decor, white window box planters are also enhanced by adding PVC flower box brackets. Even though they do not provide structural support, a decorative corbel boosts architectural aesthetics. While they don't support the planter box directly, a number of decorative window box brackets appropriate to the planter length and size should be ordered to represent proportion as if they did. For example, we suggest ordering two (2) brackets for window boxes ranging from 24 to 48 inches long. Longer window boxes measuring from 60 to 72 inches should have three (3) to four (4) brackets strategically placed to reflect planter dimension. All decorative PVC flower box brackets on this page are designed for any of our Estate Collection flower boxes sold elsewhere on our site.

Several Styles to Choose From

We carry several decorative window box brackets from which to select in this category. Choose from Classic Faux Brackets or our Standard Faux Brackets. For smaller or narrower planter boxes, we carry the Petite Classic bracket. Both Classic and Standard brackets are sold primed in white. Either mount as-is, or paint the color of your window box. We also offer the Standard Faux Brackets in industrial black or bronze. Each bracket is made from the highest grade cellular PVC material or architectural grade molded foam that mimics the weather resistant materials used in all our Estate Collection planters.

Installing Decorative Window Box Brackets

While suggested bracket numbers for window planters listed above is only a guide, we recognize individual design preference will be determined by the homeowner. However many faux brackets you purchase, be sure to measure and install them equidistant from one another between the brackets placed on each end. This will ensure symmetry and a balanced look. Also, if your box is slightly longer than your window panes, be sure to attach your bracket so that it is in line with the outside frame of your window. All brackets should be attached with either PVC epoxy glue or wood screws to the bottom of the planter box. For additional information on measurements and installation, please call toll-free or click to chat with a representative.