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Estate Collection Patio Planters

Pots for outdoor plants and deck planters made from cellular PVC have the classic look of wood with the low maintenance benefits of PVC planters for outdoor use. Traditional wooden patio pots and planters require routine sanding, scraping, sealing and re-painting to avoid decay and a drab look. With PVC planter boxes, it's easy to sidestep the rigors of upkeep and enjoy more time tending to vibrant container garden arrangements.

The Estate Collection of patio and deck planters includes styles suited to display on steps, railings or situated atop hardscape surfaces. Porch planters and patio planters help to spruce up outdoor spaces with flourishing colors and textures as only your favorite plants and flowers can provide. Shop online or call toll-free to request custom sizes or more information: 1-888-427-3362

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Convenient, Beautiful Patio Planters

Our diverse Estate Collection designs all have the qualities of beauty and convenience in common. When it comes to deck planters and patio planters designed for outdoor use, this material is unparalleled in terms of ease of use. These patio pots and planters require virtually no maintenance beyond a simple wipe down here and there to remove dirt or dust on the surface. The material resembles painted wood so your container gardens can still exude the classic appeal of wooden planters without sanding, painting and sealing.

Rot-proof Gardening Joy

Rectangular and square patio planters constructed out of cellular PVC are the ideal rot-proof outdoor product. These pots for outdoor plants will never crack, warp, mildew or split, even when exposed to extreme and fluctuating temperatures and moisture. As far as garden, patio and deck planters go, the Estate Collection offers what we at WindowBox.com believe are some of the most attractive designs around. On top of that, these patio planter boxes are relatively lightweight for easy movement throughout a landscape. Winter storage is also a breeze.

Many homeowners and avid gardeners are turning to no-rot wood alternatives, and cellular PVC planters are a front-runner in this market. The rectangular and square deck planters in the Estate Collection take advantage of PVC's wood-like appearance and use it to their design advantage. In fact, when looking at them online it's hard to tell that they are actually made from mildew-proof PVC rather than painted wood. This effect is maintained when you see patio planters in person.

Rot-proof planters are available in square and rectangular designs that work for deck and patio applications on the ground, along railings or on steps. Many of our customers choose to keep patio planters in their pleasing white color but PVC can also be painted to suit an existing color scheme. However you choose to display them, these no-rot deck planters make a lovely, carefree home for all our favorite plants and flowers.

In addition to the front porch, patio and deck planters featured in the category above, we can also help to create custom square and rectangular planters suited to specific size requirements. For more information on PVC window boxes please call our toll-free number at 1-888-427-3362.