Decorative PVC Flower Pots

Enjoy beauty and durability with PVC flower pots in bright colors. Each of the decorative flower pots featured here is a durable indoor/outdoor product that is built for longevity. Forged from lightweight resin, the color and weathering details are a property of the material and will never wash off. This assures colorful PVC planters stay brilliant. Pick up 8" pots to place in our 9" deep wrought iron planter cages, or simply place them around your yard or balcony.

Our selection of decorative pots includes sizes ranging from 6" to 12". Smaller sizes are great for a patio table, indoor ledge or a deck railing. It's also fun to group colorful PVC planters together in lively arrangements. Choose a pair or trio of PVC flower pots and fill with all your favorites.

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Decorative Plant Pots for Every Space

Spruce up home decor with decorative flower pots in alluring hues. Suited to outdoor or indoor use, this collection of colorful PVC flower pots includes boisterous shades like lime green, a cool blue denim, or the warm and classic terra cotta. Each of the PVC planters feature a weathered finish that exudes the feeling of handmade pottery while embodying the durability and ease of PVC. No risk of rotting, cracking or splitting, and pots are remarkably lightweight for easy movement throughout a home and landscape.

The beauty of PVC flower pots is their ease of use and no-maintenance nature. Display them inside or outside on tables, hardscape surfaces, plant stands or in window and railing cages. Most of the designs featured here also have built-in water reservoirs that hold in excess water. This prevents root rot and allows plants to drink from reserves during drier spells. So you see, these garden pots are more than just another pretty face.

Neutral & Colorful Planter Pots

Each of the neutral and colorful PVC planters featured above is constructed out of a lightweight PVC-resin material. Coloring and weathered finishes are achieved through properties of the material itself. For growers, this means that nothing will rub or wash off over time. PVC flower pots are also inherently resistant to decay from moisture. This means no rotting, splitting, cracking or warping, and all without the need for maintenance. A simple swipe of a warm cloth to rinse away dust or dirt on the outer faces will suffice for PVC planters.

Choose colorful decorative planter pots in groups with varying size and color. This makes for a fun display and an opportunity to choose different plants for each container. Sizes range from 6" up to 12" depending on the product style and color. Please click on individual items above for more details.

Attractive and easy, PVC flower pots are a simple and affordable way to brighten up any home and garden. Their lightweight nature also makes potting and transferring easy as you plan out decor. Plant lovely petunias outside during the summer and then switch to versatile succulents on the interior during winter months. Make decorative flower pots into an accent for all seasons!