Window Box Buying Guide

Window Box Buying Guide

Window boxes can make a huge statement in your home or garden, but how do you know where to start? From material, mounting, and style, here is everything you need to know to find the perfect window boxes for your home.


The material determines just about everything on a window box - the longevity, upkeep, price, and overall look. Consider that when looking at window boxes in the following materials:

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Composite PVC

This synthetic material, also known as cellular PVC, is the strongest option for window boxes. With the look and feel of wood, composite PVC is resistant to rot, mildew, and insects.

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Wrought Iron

Wrought iron window boxes typically feature scrolling details with a nod to European style. The black coating resists rust, but the boxes require a liner made of moss, coconut fiber, or galvanized metal.

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Vinyl is strong and sturdy, but doesn't have the traditional look of wood or PVC. Our high-quality vinyl boxes feature a built-in irrigation system and double-wall construction that allows plants to water themselves.

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Lightweight and durable, fiberglass is made of strong fibers that won't warp, crack, rot, or mold. Fiberglass is a versatile material that can be made into a variety of styles that require very little upkeep.

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The classic window box material, wood window boxes are now mostly made in two varieties: cedar and redwood, as they are the most weather resistant, moisture and insect resistant, and durable wood options.

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Although not as sturdy as some of the other materials, copper is made to change with the elements. As it is exposed to wind and rain, the copper will develop a blue-green patina for a chic, sophisticated look.

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Used to create an old-fashion look, aluminum boxes are typically more decorate and require the use of a liner. The material is lightweight and corrosion resistant, meaning it will last for years.

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The mounting style can change the entire look of the window box. Mounts vary depending on the size and material of the box, but here are the most common mounting solutions.

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Direct Mount

Direct mount window boxes come with pre-drilled holes on the back and easily bolt straight to the wall. Direct mount window boxes can be used on just about any surface with the correct bolt.

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Shop Wall Brackets

Shop Wall Brackets

Wall brackets can be simple or ornate and attach to the wall with outstretched arms to support the window box. Wall brackets are typically made of iron or wood, and the number can be adjusted to give your box the support it needs.

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Railing Brackets

For window boxes that aren't attached to solid walls, but instead to fences or deck rails, railing brackets grab onto the ledge and support the window boxes. Railing window brackets come in an individual pole style or in a larger, shelf-like style.

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Cleat Mount

Cleat mounts make it simple to remove and replant a window box as often as needed. The cleat is attached to the wall, and then the window box slips easily over it.

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Shop Faux Brackets

Faux Brackets

Although not structurally necessary, faux brackets can add another detail to your window box. Available in direct mount or cleat mount, faux brackets come in a variety of materials to match the window box and give it an extra dose of charm.

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Modern window boxes come with a number of extra features to meet your specific needs and make growing a garden oasis as simple as possible.

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Self Watering

Perfect for the busy homeowner or the person with a brown thumb, self-watering window boxes make sure your plants are thriving with little upkeep. The boxes feature a water reservoir in the bottom, which the plants' roots can access when they need. Some boxes come with built in self-watering features, but any box can become self watering with a special attachment kit.

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Perfect for protecting the window box from soil damage or for growing flowers before they're ready for the window box, liners come in a variety of materials and styles to match your window box.

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Shop Custom Sizes

Custom Sizes

Our window boxes come in standard increments between 24" and 72" long. For unusual shapes or sizes, contact our representatives and we can make custom window boxes to meet your needs.

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