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Wrought Iron Window Boxes

Wrought iron window boxes offer distinctive styling and old-world charm. Get that traditional European look with one of our many iron flower boxes, available in square and tapered designs. Our black powder-coated finish offers superior rust protection, so rest assured that you'll enjoy your iron window box for years to come.

These wrought iron flower boxes can be purchased with a liner made of PVC, galvanized metal, or real copper. Or buy the window box cage alone and place charming flower pots inside. Whether you prefer clean and simple styles or ornate scrollwork, Windowbox.com has an iron flower box to suit your taste.

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Wonderful Wrought Iron Window Boxes

The old world charm of Europe is reinvented in our wonderful Wrought Iron Window Boxes. Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, when adding colorful and stately liners, these wrought iron planters add to any home's curb appeal, making a bold statement in the process. Even without liners our wrought iron flower boxes can hold a row of lovely pots, looking quaint and charming. With a variety of styles to choose from, you can select tapered designs, wrought iron planters with elegant scroll work, or straight wrought iron styling, whatever best matches your exterior decor.

And besides looking beautiful, each of our metal window boxes are built to last season after season, year after year. The solid wrought iron grill work is powder coated, making it resistant to rust or moisture. And there's no maintenance either. Just clean off with a damp cloth or mist and wipe dry. Sturdy and strong, these metal window boxes can even be filled with flowers or other foliage and "parked" along the edge of your patio at ground level and still hold up under harsh weather conditions.

Wrought Iron Window Box Planters You Can Customize

Even though these metal window boxes are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes, if you have a smaller or larger window case you'd like to fit with one of these handsome wrought iron window boxes, just let us know and we can custom fit to your exact specifications.

Easy to install, each wrought iron window box can be mounted on wood, brick, stucco, even lap siding. The metal bar strip that runs along the back of the cage has three pre-drilled holes for convenience in which screws (not included) can be attached. From modern to classic and back, you can install your metal window boxes on more than windows too. Check out our special railing hardware, sold separately, and dress up the back windows of your home as well as the front.

Besides wrought iron planter boxes, we also carry window boxes constructed with aluminum, copper, wrought iron hayrack style, vintage window boxes, and more. Some come with liners, some without. But we have a wide variety of lines in an infinite amount of colors to choose from. Call today for additional information on wrought iron window boxes.