Regalia Window Box
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The Regalia black wrought iron window boxes are perfect for gardening on balconies, under windows, on bare walls and fences, as well as on barns and tool sheds. There is a built in mounting bracket on the back of the box that allows for quick & easy installation using 1/4"diameter bolts or metal railing brackets (sold separately). Shop standard 2 to 6-foot lengths online or call to request a quote on custom planters.

Length +1" to accommodate standard liners x 8.5"Width x 7.5"Height Taper reduces bottom: -3" Length, -2 1/2" Width

These wrought iron planter boxes are offered with 8 attractive window box liners to choose from, all with its own unique aesthetic. Go luxe with our 100% real copper window box liners, or get ultra-lightweight railing planters by adding vinyl liners in your choice of three colors. For the ultimate in durability and finish choices, look to galvanized metal liners in white, black, or oil-rubbed bronze. The paint is baked on and helps prevent iron from rusting, extending its life. Last but not least, our heavy-duty PVC composite liners offer a no-rot container option that is ideal for sunny locations. The 1/2" thick PVC walls help insulate plants and do not conduct heat like metals, helping regulate the soil and root temperature. Can't decide? Buy metal window box liners in additional colors so you can swap them out seasonally in minutes.

All of our handcrafted metal liners feature pre-drilled drainage holes to help prevent over-watering. The vinyl inserts have perforated drainage holes that can be popped out if you should choose to, making them a good option for using window boxes indoors or on second stories to prevent dripping.

Please note: Our vinyl liners are available in 24, 30" and 36" lengths only. Longer window planters will ship with a combination of smaller vinyl liners:

  • 24-36" lengths ship with one liner
  • 48" lengths ship with (2) 24" liners
  • 60" lengths ship with (2) 30" liners
  • 72" lengths ship with (2) 36" liners

All metal and PVC composite liners run the entire length of the cage for a seamless display. To request custom flower boxes or for assistance choosing the right window box brackets and bolts, please call toll-free today: 888-427-3362

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