Tapered Reservoir

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Product introduction: Stop overwatering and under watering your plants for good with our  PlanterWell Reservoirs. This easy-to-install plastic water reservoir wicks water up to your plants as needed, with any extra water draining from your window boxes’ drainage holes. This reservoir will add days, and even weeks, in between waterings. Perfect for sunny windows where plants dry out quicker, and as a self-watering option for when you go on vacation, this planter reservoir will ensure your plants are healthy and hydrated.

  • Adds days in between waterings
  • Keeps plants hydrated without overwatering
  • Prevents root rot and dried out soil
  • Perfect for sunny locations and watering during vacation
  • 12" fill tube
  • 21.5"L x 5.5"W x 2.25"H ~ 1 gal
  • 33.5"L x 5.5"W x 2.25"H ~ 1.6 gal

Suggested Reservoir Quantity for Window Boxes
Quantity (1) 21.5" – for 24" Window Box
Quantity (1) 21.5" – for 30" Window Box
Quantity (1) 33.5" - for 36" Window Box
Quantity (1) 33.5" - for 42" Window Box
Quantity (2) 21.5" – for 48" Window Box
Quantity (2) 21.5" – for 60" Window Box
Quantity (2) 33.5" - for 72" Window Box

Lead Time:
Ships in 3-4 Business Days