Artificial Ribbon Grass- 4 Colors

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Artificial Outdoor Rated Ribbon Grass is a great add on for planter fillers, arranged in thick bundles. 

  • Approximately 16" high with a 5" stem (21" total) x 10" approximate width featuring six main branches
  • Outdoor rated

    With UV protection built in, our Artificial Outdoor Rated Ribbon Grass is a fade resistant product. When tested for colorfastness according to ASTM G155-05, after one year of UV exposure equivalent to the climate of Miami, FL, our plants exhibited no visible color loss. Each of the six stems has a solid underwire frame beneath the UV coated resin so branches can be teased out to make Artificial Ribbon Grass bundles look fuller or sparser.

    Bundles of Artificial UV Protected Ribbon Grass are sold and shipped un-potted. Sturdy stems make for easy insertion into a range of planting materials including soil, plaster of Paris, sand and gravel. Browse our Artificial Ribbon Grass in color choices from natural looking green to bold burgundy and autumn inspired hues.


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