Outdoor Rated Artificial Spreading Juniper

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Worry-Free Evergreen Shrubs and Trees

As hardy as live evergreens are, we take it a step farther in the low-maintenance department with this lovely artificial juniper bush. Completely worry free, this fake bush can be planted anywhere you please and takes no work to maintain after installation. And the best part is that it comes to you at a considerable three feet in length and over two feet high. While live evergreen bushes can take many seasons to reach that generous size, this convenient plant is fully grown from the beginning. Just pot or "plant" this faux juniper directly into the ground for instant decorative appeal. Each spreading juniper bush comes with a sturdy plastic stem for easy installation in any substrate.

Botanically Correct Plants

With our outdoor artificial plants we strive for the height of authenticity, using materials and crafting processes that give you a highly durable and highly realistic product. This large fake juniper bush has all the look of a living, growing plant, right down to its multi-pointed branches. Created in a deep, glossy green these evergreen needles look so real you can almost smell the fresh, balmy scent of juniper. Since these faux plants are outdoor rated, you can safely use them in your outside space without worrying about the sun or elements causing damage to the greenery. Each plant is specially made to last for years in an outdoor environment without fading or breaking down.

Add Curb Appeal While Lowering Costs

These large juniper bushes are an excellent way to add instant curb appeal to new construction sites or fresh landscapes. With our ready-made evergreen shrubs, your property is instantly beautified without any waiting around for seedlings to grow and mature. Landscapers and designers love these fake trees not only for their convenience, but also because they save on maintenance costs and water usage, the ultimate in landscaping.

Outdoor Artificial Bushes are shipped un-potted. Pots shown are for photo purposes only.

37" Length Polyblend 48"Width 9.5" Stem
27" Length Polyblend 36" Width 

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