29" Bittersweet Outdoor Rated Vine

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Add ornamental greenery to a window box or planter with our Outdoor Rated Bittersweet Vine.    Measuring 29" in length including the bare stem, this cascading vine is sure to add color and charm wherever it placed.   Vines are the perfect addition to the old addage... what to put in a window box or planter?   Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers.   This Bittersweet Vine is the perfect fit for last description of "spillers".... vines that flow over the planter to create interest and color.   This is also the perfect plant for creating a green spot in hard to reach or maintain areas, or in a place that is hard to grow plants due to lack of sunlight, water, etc.  This vine is outdoor rated, meaning it has been infused with UV protection, and will not fade or become discolored over the seasons. 

29" Length x 12" approximate width after fluffing

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