4 Pack Heavy Duty Cable Ties

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Secure window boxes and planters to unique shaped railings with our Heavy Duty Cable Ties.    These type of cable ties arent available in the big box stores, and come rated with 250lb tensile (the resistance of a material to breaking under tension) strength.  These heavy duty cable ties are also a perfect addition to a window box secured in a high location that needs just a little more security to keep it safe and stable.   Sold in a 4 pack, each cable tie is 13.5" in length x 1/2" wide.   It is recommended to attach one of these straps approximately every 15" on a railing window box to keep it immovable.  

Ensure you have placed the railing planter exactly where you want it as these cable ties must be cut if the planter needs to be released.   A new Heavy Duty Cable Tie must then be used. 

Cable Ties are 13.5" in Length x 1/2" Wide

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