Faux Azalea Bundle for Window Boxes

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DIY project-flowers "Kits" come loose packed, ready to mount in customer provided mounting material and window box

Our collection of polyblend Artificial Azalea Vines and Bushes are outdoor-rated with UV protection, making them superior artificial plants for outside use in hanging baskets, window boxes and planters of all kinds. Artificial Azalea Vines and Bushes for window boxes that are fabricated out of polyblend materials are more resilient and colorfast, particularly in exterior applications.We have taken the guesswork out of how many Azalea vines fill typical length window boxes.

  • Outdoor Rated 
  • Mount into planting containers using plaster of Paris, floral foam, or grave
  • 24" Window Box= 2 vines, 1 bush
  • 30" Window Box= 2 vines, 2 bushes
  • 36" Window Box= 2 vines, 3 bushes
  • 42" Window Box= 3 vines, 3 bushes
  • 48" Window Box= 4 vines, 3 bushes
  • 60" Window Box= 4 vines, 4 bushes
  • 72" Window Box= 4 vines, 5 bushes


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