Bougainvillea Outdoor Rated Bushes and Vines-6 Colors

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Give your indoor planters and window boxes a touch of vivid color all year round by incorporating our new artificial Bougainvillea vines. Made from a special polyethylene blend, these flowers were created with built-in UV protection for superb defense against sun exposure, the leading cause of discoloration and damage in faux plants and flowers. Each vine consists of 8 branches, all pliable and can resist bending, molding and twisting. Although these flowers will inherently lack some of the more realistic details found in other artificial specimens, like silk plants, we guarantee that they will last much longer while still retaining the integrity of their original design. These Bougainvillea vines come in a variety of beautiful colors, like cream, red, and fuchsia, and are perfect additions to both indoor and outdoor low-light areas where sunlight is scarce. Excellent in hard-to-reach areas, like second-story window boxes or on top of outdoor ledges.

  • 35" Height x ~12-16" Wide 
Lead Time:
Ships in 2-3 Business Days