114" Bougainvillea Outdoor Rated Garland-7 colors

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Bougainvillea vines thrive in spring and summer, but these popular outdoor vines can be fussy when it comes to soil moisture, watering and fertilization. For this reason, Windowbox.com is proud to bring you all the lovely, dramatic appearance of Bougainvillea Vines, minus the hassle, with this collection of 9.5- foot long artificial garland vines.

Many gardeners use outdoor artificial vines when live Bougainvillea vines are off-season, but year-round use of faux outdoor vines is common as well. Though Bougainvillea vines cascading from a window box or hanging planter is a favorite, our generous 9.5- foot garlands have many uses beyond planters. Outdoor artificial vines can be artfully twined up arches and trellises, or use artificial Bougainvillea vines to create lovely table runners inside.

Each of our long artificial vines is made from a resilient polythene blend that resists fading, even in direct sunlight. Bougainvillea vines are available with fuchsia, pink, lavender, red and cream flowers or in a plain green vine.

Bougainvillea vines add instant class to any structure, and our 9.5' Outdoor Artificial Vines Garland in assorted colors are no exception! This garland features 28 beautiful Bougainvillea flower clusters and 102 crisp green ivy leaves. The generous 9.5' length makes this garland ideal for stringing along a covered porch or patio, or running it along the length of a wall. The artificial plant is crafted from a special polyblend material with UV-ray inhibitors that prevent weather damage, such as fading caused by the sun. This 9.5' Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea Vines Garland won't tear or lose its shape when manipulated by hand.</p>

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