Balconera Textured Railing Planter

$69.97 - $162.97
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The German-designed Balconera Textured Planter Box is a celebration of style and thoughtful engineering. Not only does this window box look cool, but its smart design keeps plants healthy and happy. A built-in liner reservoir wicks away water so soil is not too wet or dry. No root rot or wilting plants here—the Balconera makes sure of it!

Features & Benefits

  • Modern, textured planter design
  • Fits standard, round, and odd-shaped railings
  • Designed for easy mounting and removal
  • Removable planter liner/reservoir included
  • Liner/reservoir wicks excess water for healthy soil
  • Choose from three colors
  • Black and white bracket designs available for added cost
  • Stabilizing planter brace available for added cost

Sizes 20" 31" Colors: Stoney-End Gray, Graphite Black, White Quartz