Cottage Weave Brackets- Pair

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The brackets are placed into a slot in the window box and become invisible from the front of the planter. The brackets are suitable for most balcony or deck railings, and alternatively, they can be attached to a wall. The soft yet sturdy band prevents scratches.

  • Suitable for mounting on round and angled railings with a circumferences up to 15"
  • Soft textile straps prevent scratching of railings
  • Can carry up to 55 lbs
  • Adaptable for mounting on walls
  • Compatible with Cottage Weave Window Boxes
  • 6" Wide Shelf

Extension Brackets- if the balusters or uprights on your fencing are too far apart or dont allow the Cottage Weave Brackets to sit level, you may want to purchase the extension bracket- which makes it so the window box is secure and level for any railing. Brackets must be secured at exact spacing, and if your balusters do not match this spacing, you should procure the extension bracket.

  • Ensures compatibility regardless of baluster or upright spacing
  • Fits every railing