Plant a Window Box Vegetable Garden

Posted by Annie Green Springs Krug on Oct 13th 2021

Plant a Window Box Vegetable Garden

Just because you live in an apartment, condo, or small house with little green space doesn’t mean you can’t experience the joys (and yes, frustrations) of edible gardening. Growing vegetables in your window boxes are a great way to enjoy a “harvest-to-table” lifestyle when you don’t have a lot of outdoor space. Here’s how to get started. Happy planting!


Does it matter what kind of window box you will be using? Turns out it does. Not only do you want to choose one durable enough to withstand inclement weather without warping or cracking. Choose the largest window box you can, as your vegetables will need room to grow. We also recommend that you use window boxes with drainage holes to keep soil well-drained and prevent root rot.

Our Fiberglass Window Boxes are lightweight and durable, and their naturally moisture-resistant construction means they can withstand extreme weather (including freeze/thaw conditions) without warping or cracking. All of our window boxes come standard with drainage holes. Explore hundreds of window box styles, from farmhouse chic to sleek and modern at


While it may be true that you can’t grow just any vegetable in a window box (they have to be shallow-rooted in order to fit and grow healthily), you still have a lot of options, including these goodies:

Spinach Leaf Lettuce Radishes Carrots Green Onions Onions Garlic Peppers Beans Arugula Cauliflower Beets 
Celery Herbs


Some vegetables are natural roommates, and some not so much. It’s important to choose vegetables with similar needs in order to make them window box “bunk mates.” The following are some great (and not-so-great) vegetable combinations.

Good Combinations

Carrots and squash

Basil and onions

Lettuce and herbs

Spinach and onions

Combinations to Avoid

Onions and garlic

Carrots and dill or fennel

Onions and beans