Boxwood Outdoor Rated Spheres-10 sizes

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Design a planter, window box, or outdoor landscape with our UV protected Topiary Spheres or Balls.   Most sizes are created with a foam insert, and the larger sizes have a powder-coated metal framework.   Decorating with Outdoor Rated Topiary Spheres is the modern and contemporary way to create interesting arrangements that can also be a bit whimsical.   The boxwood foliage we use is fully UV protected and will not fade when in direct sun, or facing cold inclement weather.   The other obvious benefit of our Boxwood Topiaries are that they require little to no maintenance.   Real boxwood topiaries need to be constantly trimmed and maintained... and are never as perfect as these are.  

  • Available from 6" in diameter to 36" in diameter
  • 6" and 7" sizes are hallow and dont need inner foam to keep shape
  • 11"-22" come filled with outdoor rated foam
  • 24"+ come with a metal framework core that has been powder-coated
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