Coconut Coir Liner by the Roll

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Line any size window box or planter with these replacement liner rolls. Each coco liner roll measures 39"W with varying lengths available from 4 feet to 50 feet long. Use the approximately 1/2" thick coco fiber growing medium to create inserts for hanging baskets, window box cages, troughs or hayrack planters.

Coco fiber rolls are a great alternative to peat moss and feature a neutral pH, anti-fungal properties, moisture capacity up to eight times their weight, and the presence of phosphorus and potassium salts in the liner shell. The fibrous nature of the material is also porous, allowing for optimal airflow and drainage to foster healthy roots and plant growth. Coir fiber is easy to cut and form to fit most any outdoor planting container and can be used when landscaping garden beds.

If ordering multiple lengths, your order may come as 1 continuous roll to cut as desired.

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